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Why is Fresh Spirulina better than powdered?

When asked this question, our instant rebuttal is “Would you rather have fresh strawberries, or powdered strawberries?”

Although that is a very good comparison, it doesn’t necessarily get to the heart of the issue. When talking Spirulina, powdered isn’t necessarily bad, but fresh is always better. Spirulina is consumed as a complete protein full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Some of these are definitely available in the powdered version, but what the powdered version doesn’t bring to the table is the whole healthy cell structure and active enzymes.

The Life Force is Lost Forever

The heat in which the powdered spirulina is subjected to basically destroys the enzymes and other nutrients that can have an immediate impact on your bodily systems. Some of these nutrients can be recovered via hydrating the product, but the aspect of life is lost forever. While you consume it, these enzymes and other whole, unblemished proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are able to immediately aid in your digestion as well as other vital bodily functions including, but not limited to both the immune system and liver functionality. The dead powder simply does not have the life force that the Fresh Spirulina contains.  This life force maximize the affect it has on your overall health and wellness.

You Be The Judge

At the end of the day, we can write as many articles about fresh vs powdered. However, it is up to you to try it for yourself! We have countless anecdotes of people having amazingly positive experiences when switching from powdered to Fresh Spirulina.

See what choosing Fresh Spirulina can do for you!

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