Top Spirulina Recipes From Food Bloggers

Always Use Fresh Spirulina!

What Spirulina Recipes do we like?

We often get asked at Kyanos Farms, what are good recipes for Fresh Spirulina? Since it is not powder or a capsule, how do you add it to your smoothie or to a dish? The answer is, all kinds of fun ways! Since Fresh Spirulina is virtually tasteless and odorless, it is easy to incorporate it into almost any dish. Unlike powders that typically have a very strong sent and taste. Also, in our opinion, powders and dried Spirulina lack the living “life force” our bodies crave.

The easiest and fastest way to consume your Fresh Spirulina.

The simplest and easiest way to consume your Fresh Spirulina is to simply dissolve or blend one extra large serving in to your favorite beverage or smoothie. Because of the very mild taste, you can even just simply add it to water, shake it up, and drink it down. Any type of juice is good. I enjoy just OJ and one extra large Fresh Spirulina packet.

Other spirulina recipes that work great with Fresh Spirulina.

Trust me when I say that we at Kyanos Farms have tried SEVERAL different recipes with our Fresh Spirulina. There are so many different smoothies, juices, dips, and even baked goods that come out very tasty and good. We have added some of our absolute favorite recipes from different food bloggers around the world. Because Spirulina is usually bought powdered or dried, please note that most of these recipes suggest using it that way. This is probably because these authors have not been exposed to Fresh Spirulina, and do not realize that they could be consuming the alive whole food, instead of the dried dead powder. Therefore, it is always our suggestion to use FRESH Spirulina for any and all recipes, not just the ones we have listed here.

More Recipes That We Love