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I can literally feel the difference in my energy level every time I have Spirulina. I feel fortunate indeed to have access, and am grateful to our local hero who discovered the process by which this gift of health can be frozen and therefore properly preserved with intact cell walls - this is revolutionary.

Cindy P. - Environmentalist, Mother

"We’re several days in and are really enjoying our Spirulina. It makes a great morning shake! I’m using it to detox from toxic mold exposure, and a basic general wellness plan. We’ve used Spirulina before, and really love knowing how pure and fresh this particular product is."

Erica B. - Author, Teacher, Yoga Instructor @empath_yoga

"I am feeling amazing after my workout this morning and my energy drink was fresh Spirulina !! Did you know we have a farm right here in Vero?!"

Faith R. - Fitness Coach and Trainer @gethealthywithfaith321

My resting heart rate has gone down 3 beats a minute since I started using it and I almost never get sore!

Philip N. - Bike Racer @philrydes

Spirulina has been a part of my morning routine for a long time, but it wasn't until I upgraded to the live form - thanks to Kyanos Farms - that I could truly FEEL its effects. Not only was my shipment processed with ease & expedition, but staff was easy to get ahold of & quick to answer questions 😊 With a few week's worth of this incredible product under my belt, I can't imagine returning to the powdered form - less brain fog, more energy & surprisingly filling! 🙏

Brianna S. - Social Worker
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