What Is Phycocyanin?

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What Is Phycocyanin?

Fresh Spirulina is a good choice for a snack, smoothie additive, or even a meal in itself. What makes it so good? The high protein content? Yes. High antioxidant content? Yes! So what is Phycocyanin?

But what makes the protein and antioxidant content in fresh spirulina so great? The quick answer is that they are one in the same! One of the major proteins in Spirulina is called Phycocyanin. This is a common protein found in cyanobacteria, but very concentrated in Spirulina. In fact, it can be anywhere from 10-20% of the total protein content of the Spirulina!

What are the benefits of Phycocyanin?

Antioxidant is a huge buzzword in the health industry these days. We all know that treatment of some ailments, like cancer, can be almost worse than the disease itself. The key to avoiding treatment is prevention! One way the health industry is shifting toward prevention is by suggesting antioxidant become a rich part of a health diet and exercise plan.

Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant and when consumed in whole, fresh spirulina, may be a potent aid in systemic regulation of the immune system as well as many other bodily functions. Phycocyanin may help with issues of inflammation through scavenging free radical oxygen containing substances, neuroprotection through scavenging hydrogen peroxide radicals in the brain, and inhibition of tumor growth and regeneration.


Is it worth trying?

All of those reasons and more are at least worth giving this a try! Now why fresh Spirulina over powdered Spirulina?

Yes, powdered Spirulina is typically less expensive than fresh, but you get what you pay for! Powdered Spirulina is heated to a point where there is very little moisture left in the product and we all know that life needs water to live. Not only is the powdered product completely dead, the Phycocyanin protein is basically neutralized! The high heat from the drying process kills the effectiveness of the protein!

Kyanos Farms is extremely proud of the process it pioneered to maintain the freshness of the Spirulina product, delivered directly to your door. It is almost like you are eating the Spirulina directly from the pond, just as nature intended it.

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