Spirulina Benefits for You and Your Loved Ones

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Spirulina benefits are extensive and exciting. Instead of offering a dried powdered Spirulina, Kyanos Farms has a process that safely protects it’s nutrients. This process allows us to offer a Superior, Fresh frozen Spirulina. 

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Our algae consuming community is extremely eager to expose their loved ones to Fresh Spirulina. That is because Spirulina nutrition has the powerful potential to help with a variety of health conditions. It’s densely packed nutrition provides a large variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fats and proteins. The nutrition in Spirulina is very easy to digest.

Do you find yourself fatigued through the day?

One of the most common Spirulina health benefits is a dramatic boost in enduring energy

Many people like to make a Spirulina smoothie for breakfast, you can find creative Spirulina recipes here.

The truth is that Fresh Spirulina benefits are boundless. When the human body is provided it’s essential nutrients, it has the power to heal itself.

Spirulina consumers come from all walks of life, from the natural remedy seeker to endurance seeking iron man marathoner. From the concerned parents of picky eaters to the endurance seeking ultra runner.

So, How do I Share Fresh Spirulina's Health Benefits And Get FREE Spirulina?

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It is truly a win, win situation!  Our box of 24 extra large servings retails at $85.99 shipped to your door!  After you get a chance to try our awesome Spirulina, spread the word!  You will surely spark the interest of your friends and family and they will be excited to try it as well. We extend our wholesale pricing to anyone with up to a 47% discount! Gather your friends and family and enjoy Fresh Spirulina together!